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At Scunthorpe Orthodontics, we treat every patient as an individual because your smile really is one of a kind. As part of our individual approach to your treatment, we provide you with a bespoke treatment plan. This means not only is your plan specific just for you, but the cost of your treatment is as well.

Below is a guide to the prices for our treatment at Scunthorpe Orthodontics, but please come in for a free consultation to receive a quote specific for you and your treatment needs.

Our treatment coordinator Oliver is also available to answer any questions you have about the cost of treatment and our available finance plans, should you need help with payment.

Treatment typePriceRepayments
Adult Invisalign from £1700 from £50 a month
Adult fixed braces from £1750 from £50 a month
Child orthodontics from £1250 from £40 a month


Finance options

At Scunthorpe Orthodontics, to help make orthodontic treatment as affordable as possible for our patients, we have put together our own in-house finance package: the Scunthorpe Orthodontics In-House 0% Interest Finance Package.

This package has been designed with our patients in mind and makes it easy for you to spread the cost of your treatment out over the time you are with us. Oliver Jackson, our treatment coordinator can explain more about how this finance package works when you come in for your free consultation.

Tabeo finance

Another finance option to help with the cost of your orthodontic treatment is Tabeo finance. This company helps to spread the cost of your treatment over the duration you are visiting our clinic. Oliver and our team can help you access all the paperwork you require to apply to Tabeo for finance.

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At your initial appointment we can give you more details about your options for financing your orthodontic treatment, so book your free consultation today.

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start from £50 a month

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